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Containment Covid-19 measures

Regarding the containment of the spread of Coronavirus and for a safe restart of all the tourism and transport activities, Lariobus has put in place an extraordinary plan aimed at sanitizing the vehicles in service, integrating the normal  activities that are already carried out every day.

As regards to the sanitation of vehicles, in addition to the normal cleaning activities, the daily sanitation on board the buses is enhanced with the use of germicidal products and surgical medical devices.

The entire bus fleet is also subjected to extraordinary environmental sanitation procedures: our cleaning service periodically subjects each vehicle to a treatment with the use of professional devices that produce dry steam, particularly effective in breaking down the bacterial, fungal and viral load from all surfaces.

The entire bus fleet is finally subjected to a further sanitizing action with ozone, an innovative procedure to make the environments sanitized. In fact, ozone has a remarkable oxidizing and disinfecting power so that when it comes into contact with any organic matter, it triggers an oxidation reaction that immediately kills bacteria, viruses, mites, microorganisms of any type, molds and fungi, while the molecules odors are oxidized, eliminating their unpleasant character.

Some additional activities are aimed to the specifically protection of company staff and passengers, through the installation on board of each vehicle of a hand sanitizer liquid dispenser and the presence of spare masks at disposal for the passengers that have not it.

Finally, we remind you that on board all our vehicles the Covid-19 containment protocol is always respected as per the regulations in force:

  • all the passengers and staff must wear a face mask during all the trip;
  • the social distancing of at least one meter between non-cohabiting passengers is always guaranteed;
  • during the boarding procedures, can be put in place a body temperature measurement.

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