Terms and conditions

All our buses:
  • are owned by LarioBus and are officially licensed as private hire vehicles;
  • are serviced annually by the competent M.C.T.C. inspectorate (Italian department of motor vehicles);
  • are insured with a liability limit of €50,000,000.00 with a leading insurance company;
  • are fitted with tachographs, with records proving annual inspections by approved centres.
All our drivers:
  • are regularly hired in sufficient numbers to guarantee adequate rotation of driving and resting times;
  • are licensed to drive and carry passengers (CQC Italian licence);
  • undergo periodic medical check-ups

All our personnel complies scrupulously with the highway code and driving/rest times and a second driver is always provided for journeys requiring more than 9 hours driving a day.

Booking Conditions

Requirements of staff and rules on driving times and rest periods for drivers (EU Reg. 561/2006)

All the veichles are conducted exclusively by company employees and all the drivers are released from all social security obligations, welfare, and salary provided for the category; the drivers have all the professional licenses requested by the laws.

All the employees are subjected to a periodic training. The company applies and follow all the current national and European legislations regarding driving and daily rest timings; in particular, over 24 hours:

  • – The total duration of driving time shall not normally exceed 9 hours per day;
  • – The continuous driving time should not normally exceed 4,5 consecutive hours and must be followed by a 45 minute break.

Alternatively there are provided two breaks, without exception, of at least 15 + 30 minutes, within 4 hours and 30 minutes of driving, and the second break must be made of at least 30 minutes, even if the first duration is more than 15 minutes;

  • – The driver has to make 11 consecutive hours of night rest.

(For example, a service with departure at 7:00 am, will have to finish within 20.00. Otherwise, a second driver must be used).

Bus seats and luggages

On all the vehicles (also on the minibuses and coaches) it is compulsory for passengers to fasten their seat belts, if occupy a seat with belts.
In addition, when the bus is in motion, all passengers are required to remain seated.
The company is not held responsible for any injury to accidental falls, damages and penalties arising from failure to follow the above rules, which will be paid by the offender if an adult, or manager of the group if a minor.
It is forbidden to bring aboard the vehicles luggages that prevent the access roads and passageways.
Small bags or backpacks are allowed, but they must be placed in the overhead space. All the other bags have to find accommodation in the luggage compartment of the bus.

Vehicle Requirements

All vehicles used are regularly registered with a suitable title, and are in compliance with the applicable provisions on annual compulsory checks by the Regional/National M.C.T.C. Authority.
The company provides management of punctual interventions of ordinary and extraordinary preventive control / maintenance, periodically programmed, in order to ensure the continued maintenance of the efficiency and safety of vehicles.
Before each service, the vehicles are subjected to specific internal and external cleaning.
All the minibuses and coaches have the following minimum standard features: air conditioning, satellite navigation, reclining seats, frigobar, CD/DVD player, hi-fi radio.
The company can also supply vehicles equipped with automatic electro-hydraulic lifting platform, for the transport of disabled customers (with wheelchair).

Travel program

The service is carried out according to the travel program agreed by the Client with the Company.
Changes to the services will be forwarded to the Operation Office at least three days before the date of the first service.
Any change that may be necessary during the service / trip will have to be defined with the driver: These changes to the itinerary must be written by the driver on the “service order receipt” and must be compulsorily signed by the Customer, or by the tourleader, for viewing and confirmation.
The driver is required to make the changes requested by the customer or by the group leader, if these changes are agree with the rules governing the driving maximum hours and the maximum length of service, and if they are compatible with the traffic conditions.
If the changes agreed after the beginning of the service would produce a greater increase of mileage than that previously estimate, the previously agreed price of the service can be subjected to some changes, unless otherwise agreed before the departure with the Operations Office..

Forced interruption of service

The services stops due to force majeure does not entail the right to a refund.
In case of technical failure of the vehicle, the Company ensures a timely intervention in order to minimize the discomfort of the traveler through the activation of its own structure or of contracted organizations for repair or replacement interventions of the vehicle.


All vehicles are insured against the risks arising from road traffic in accordance with Law 990/69.
Specific policies stipulated with leading insurance companies provide cover with suitable limits in favor of the transported.

Lost items

At the end of the service all the passengers must check if there are forgotten items onboard, raising the company for subsequent disputes or retaliation of any kind.
In the absence of such verification, the Company is not liable for items lost and not found.
Requests for information should be sent to the Operations Office (e-mail: info@lariobus.com)

Damage caused by travelers

Any damage caused by travelers to the vehicle, to its parts, accessories, and components, will be charged to the tour manager or directly to the customer;
For matters not covered in these “travel regulations”, please make reference to the laws relating to the vehicles rental contracts.